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Kilt Envy

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This is a flash about SCD, he is scottish, so we had to make fun of him for it, watch in amazment as he pics up a mic and tells yah a tale


Aren't I cruel?

All 0's ... yep, that's me, a complete jerk, OH WAIT, LOOKIE THERE AT THE FINAL SCORE.

<3 @ this flash

Onic responds:

Haha, thanks for that. thats what I call a suprise ending right there :P

Pure genius.

Deserves much more than 1.85 score.

Onic responds:

Thankyou, glad you think that much about it :)

Don't mind me

Just passing by the portal and noticing that for some reason a wonderful flash is doing bad at scoring and decided to lift the spirits with a 10 for a review


Onic responds:

Why thankyou Gracious sir.

Mild Nudity Eh?

Well I guess I wasn't looking for it of course, but yeah ... I should've known

SCD for mod .. :o

Onic responds:

Hahah, you can't have all those kilts without somthing poppin out ;)
Thanks for the review.

Count up

5,6,7,8,9,10 and another 10, I scored randomly, but I sure did love the movie, SCD is a fine mod, and he had such a cute skirt on ;)

Onic responds:

Hah, everyone loves SCD, especialy right after he shaves his legs and slips on a new kilt :o
Thanks for the review, glad you liked it, and have a great day.

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4.37 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2005
8:07 PM EDT