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Red Blood Rains on London

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faggots, all of you


not funny

this is the worst i've seen i live in london and this is not a funny topic nore is any terrorist attacks.


it was pretty good except...

subway = London Underground

also great music.

WTFSNOE responds:



This is all and all not that bad. I know you have all taken a lot of flak for this, but what is the point. You all made a flash, you put work and time into it. End of story. There are flashes that are a great deal worse than this, but everyone wants to try and slay this one. I have watched it a couple times now and do not find it that offensive. People make movies about real world events all the time, this is no different.

You all have the rite to make what you wish and I commend you for speaking your mind. The idea of free speach, freedom of the press, ect has obviously been forgotten. If you offend someone that is to be their problem, not yours. You have all done a fine job with this flash. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to commerate what happened in London. Aside from what your views may or may not be on the incident, you made a flash about it. Plain and simple.

I do think there are parts of the flash that could have been impoved. A higher graphic quality, more of a story line, improved menus. All very minor things that really do not pertain a great deal to the message here. With myself having no flash skills to speak of, I will not critique the artistic talents of this flash or it's authors beyond the fact that improvments could be made.

I do expect to see more work from the lot of you. Good work here gentlemen. Keep it up in the future. Going with what you beleive in is the best way to go. Thank you.

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WTFSNOE responds:



Tha first and last one's were my favorites! they were all so random! especially the first one when ALOT OF OSAMAS COME ON DA SCREEN! LOL. Oh... to Four Star, I actually liked yours too. U made a little music video for that song by Hawthorne Heights "Ohio is 4 Lovers"
this was da best thing i seen 2day!
c'mon people! cant y'all get a joke!

WTFSNOE responds:

Listen up you dumb nigger, a

I don't know how to describe it

#It was weird. the animation was crappy, it had sick humeor(i know i cant spell) but i still laughed. DO not watch if you find making fun off the london attacks

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WTFSNOE responds:

dumb bitch

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Jul 9, 2005
3:54 PM EDT