The USSJ3 Brolly Saga 1

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Been a while since I have submitted anything, with Majin Vegetto being held back because of a few things, I decided to make something else while the problems where being sorted out, Enjoy!



Could be way better!!!

Your drawin was good almost similar to chakra x but not quite u could do better on their appearance for the characters look funny and i hope ep isode 2 is better than this one and hope u add voice acting AND THAT ITS NOT IN JAPANEESE PLZ!!!! Tue up your skills a lil bit more and youll be all set and plz have american voice actin on the next episode!!! Well episode to is on my watch list next! overall saga 1 good job1 oh and hopefully ull make saga 2 longer.

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crappy sound and back grounds but i liked it

i have to say youve done dbz credit with the music and the stlyof characters


That was awsome, those drawing were awsome and they were on the computer, i can't wasit to see the next one and the sound omg freakin awsome


Great movie, but one thing the bugs me, if you ever watch DBZ The movie with broly Goku doesn't scream when he charges nore does he ever now he just pulses up. That would make it more like the real thing and mabye make the movie longer and show some fighting even if its Goku or Vageta geting the crap beaten out of them, just show some fighting. Other then that great movie nice art work keep up the good work man.

i like it

i liked the graphics the most. i didn't think it would look that good. i expected everyone to talk but thats alright. overall its pretty good!

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2005
7:11 PM EDT