The USSJ3 Brolly Saga 1

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Been a while since I have submitted anything, with Majin Vegetto being held back because of a few things, I decided to make something else while the problems where being sorted out, Enjoy!



lol true to its word

It reminds me of the true dbz franchise to be sure, but that's because absolutely nothing happened in the episode. The drawings were nice, but unless they do something it's just an art gallery.

Great Idea

Its Awesome you had this idea idk y pplz that create good stuff like this dont make games of it like a RPG or a fighting game and its really sad that DBZ and the other versions of it have gone away but the video games wll keep the DBZ Generation Alive and ive heard that japan is creating a NEW NEW NEW! DBZ its called Dragon Ball AF (AF Means Another Furture) it has many new charaters and transformations but i think its comeing to the US in a few years like at 2011 or 2010 im not for sure lets just hope this is true people and the Dragon Ball Aura Will Be back PS: I think they are creating a TV SHow of it too but its only airing in japan i think but the reason the game has nt come to the US its because the game has ive heard 1,000's of charaters and transformations such as SSJ 5,6,7,And 8
And ANother One Called Demon Super Saiyan i think Goku Can go all of these transformations. People Lets hope this is TRUE AND DRAGON BALL WILL BE BACK!!!!!! PLZ BE TRUE




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And then,,

i like how you design the characters right down to the last detail but i found myself waiting for something to happen, mainly some fists flying about. But hey thats just me and a few others by the looks of it.


it doesnt have bad graphics at all... but it has no action at all etheir, but its good, i guess u will do another one with action, lol its pretty much dbz style, it just keeps u waiting.

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Jul 8, 2005
7:11 PM EDT