The USSJ3 Brolly Saga 1

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Been a while since I have submitted anything, with Majin Vegetto being held back because of a few things, I decided to make something else while the problems where being sorted out, Enjoy!



Nice Job, Im A DBZ Fan and i thought it was great

Hey, People stop abusing the auther i think it pretty good.
I've saw all the dbz movies and series and the idea
of making Brolly ssj was brilliant.

Keep Up the good job !!!

dude wtf?

ok in some parts the shading is so fucked up..

heres some tips:
1.view the flash before you send it out... then ask some of these questions to yourself

A) does it look good?
B) does it sound good?
C) will people like it?

2. put alot of time into a flash and try to make it look to the best of your abilities (anyone can put out a 20min flash)

3. more practice the better it will get...

hope it helped
Detective Conan

Majin-Ryan responds:

I didn't see no fucked up shading.

I looked at the movie before I sent it and:

Yes it did look good.

The sounds were used in the right places and the music went well with it.

And yes people do like it or it would of been blammed.

I did put a lot of time into it, I spent everyday on it till I finished. (Btw not ANYONE can make a 20min flash movie)

I've been doing flash for a year now, and yes I know theres things I can work on but I think i've done pretty well so far.

Nice but......

If you ever looked at the title of the 1st Brolly movie he is a Legandary Super Sayjin so it would be LSS2 or LSS3

crappy sound and back grounds but i liked it

i have to say youve done dbz credit with the music and the stlyof characters

it kinda looks like its goin 2 be a like the movie


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Jul 8, 2005
7:11 PM EDT