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This is my first flash on newgrounds, it took me 3 days of work, and the sound an extra day, the sound was especially hard to do I dont have any fancy programs so the quality isnt the best but I feel I've synched it well, like when the being from the sky appears it turns evil etc.

A quick summary: At first it shows how calm peaceful and serene everything is, and then when the being comes from the sky, it all ends. Please Enjoy!



yea w/o the earth how am i here
you had something going man
you had to get lazy during the end didnt you

ShadowVengance responds:

I wanted to get the earth blowing up sort of the same effect as the marble before, but I couldn't get the pieces the right size, it was my intent throughout the whole thing to destroy the earth, but yah, I did want to get it done by then heh. Thanks for the review.

We'll get 'em next time...

Suggestion: Try not to make your movies so random/bad.

During most of the movie, I didn't even know what was going on...was there even a point to this movie? It wasn’t scary, it wasn't funny, it had no action, there was no drama...it was pointless! Plus, the sound didn't even go with the story.

Next time, make sure you think your storyboard over. Create characters, an introduction, a plot, etc.

*And especially don’t get lazy and scribble black over the each scene.

But overall...yeah, it sucked. [ No effort ]

ShadowVengance responds:

I'll work on the story more, as everyone said that was my major flaw. I wouldn't say no effort, it could have been better, but I did try, if you didn't like it, i'll try better next time. Thanks for taking the time to review.

good one

a bit short, but it was a really good movie.

ShadowVengance responds:

Heheh it was the longest i've ever made, I'm really glad you enjoyed it thanks for the review!

A little iffy on story but...

....Overall tho has a very and a very nice look and feel to the animation

ShadowVengance responds:

Thats greay news thanks a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to review :)


people like you piss me off, first animation and yet its still better then mine, i hate people who can draw better then me heh , good animation, the audio does suck you are right....and u need a story of some sort i have no clue whast goign on...

ShadowVengance responds:

Whew, you scared me at first saying I pissed you off heh. Yes, I agree, future flashes will have more to them storywise, but I learnt a lot of effects with this one, god for practise I suppose. Thanks for the comment.

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2.51 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2005
8:56 PM EDT
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