The first tear

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This is BASED on a true story it's really sad so i changed things and made a animation of it.

R.I.P The people who died in the tsunami

thank you sorry about sound i had to optimize it



better luck next time

Very touching

So sad... especially when the crazy rat-like grandma tried to eat the tadpole leaking boy....... LOL!!!!!!!

((( DECENT )))

This was decent, i like the black and white theme, but i would suggest addong some "VOICES" and such for a better overall effect and more music it was good but needs more to it, i did like the artwork though...



Preliminary Thoughts: A story in color, somthing that told a really good story.

Graphics 6 - I didn't like that fact that you would grayscale than have a dude with blue eyes and stuff. The Grandma was poorly drawn. Inserted text was massed up and font didn't rwally mathc.

Style 8 - It was a great story. But it was a bit to predictable.

Sound 10 - I liked the song that you had for this video it was that bad. The music fit the video which is great.

Viloence 6 - This should be not scored, I really didn't want to see Grandmas blood.

Interactivity - NOT SCORED

Overall 7 - Only thing to compliment is the music.

Subsequent Thoughts: It was nice heart touching story that could have done better.

Legendarysim -
Grading Scale 1.4

pretty bad

The graphics were sloppy, esp. the grandmother. It would have been better if there was actual dialogue. There was no story--you introduce the boy and tell us that his parents died in the tsunami; he and his grandmother have a "I love you" - "I love you more" sort of an exchange between them and then he goes to school, comes home and she's suddenly dead....? That doesn't make for an interesting story.
Overall, you tried to make a sad/tragic story but the way in which it was executed was poor and doesn't adequately portray your ideas.

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3.26 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2005
2:31 PM EDT
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