Lilium-Dance of Lies pt.1

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update:thanks for telling me the spelling and credit mistakes, Im not a very english-talkin' person.so it was a little hard.
Keep on telling me spelling mistakes please
A lot of work for Flash MX
This is NOT a copy or a parody, is a serious flash and a Lilium concept tribute.
This is a background history from the shadow that appears on Lilium's Movie, by Jhon Greneby, hope you like it.

There is a song that is not streamed so do not pause the movie.

Y Saludos a Vinnie Veritas! me gusta tu trabajo.



that video captured the essence of lilium, but i have 2 points, one against the comment of zealock, idk if zato thought to make the part 2, but if you see the second part, you will see the that lilium isnt the same, and my second point is about the story, i know that its a tribute, but if you thought on a secuel, you should to make a different story, because the shadow ask the same task 2 times, but apart of that, the video is wonderful, another thing... gimmy the soundtrack XD


that was friggin awesome man u rule

dude this is still off the hook

damn this was awsome great work

Whats wrong with you.

I know that this is meant to describe exactly how Lilium killed her mother and got her unborn brother to give to the shadow. Its pretty obvious actually.

Good Idea

i think it's a good idea to give background info, but i still don't understand the shadow's obsession with unborn babies... i guess I'll have to watch part 2. Btw i also agree with what immortalnight said...

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Jul 5, 2005
11:25 PM EDT
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