Lilium-Dance of Lies pt.1

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update:thanks for telling me the spelling and credit mistakes, Im not a very english-talkin' person.so it was a little hard.
Keep on telling me spelling mistakes please
A lot of work for Flash MX
This is NOT a copy or a parody, is a serious flash and a Lilium concept tribute.
This is a background history from the shadow that appears on Lilium's Movie, by Jhon Greneby, hope you like it.

There is a song that is not streamed so do not pause the movie.

Y Saludos a Vinnie Veritas! me gusta tu trabajo.


you my friend , have messed with something good

why , i love the original lilium , and you have wreck my experience of it , its a pox i´m sorry but a worthy 0


wow great job a making crap


You're giving background history on someone elses character?

and claiming nothing is copied or parodied...?

Davo-one responds:

I like more how tribute sounds. :)

Unoriginal, unartistic and undeniably banal.

Congratulations on proving that you've a measure of skill with flash. All you've managed to do, though, is show beyond doubt that you're unoriginal in the same stroke. In fact, you've even broken copyright laws. The moment the real maker of Lilium made the flash, it was protected by copyright and art laws. The only legal remake allowed for intellectual property is a parody--this was NO parody. This was just a remake and rip. Not only did you apparently tried to improve hands down the best flash on this website, you failed miserably.

In essence, you're talented, but this reeks of banality. I've been around this site for quite some time and my vote has sway (5-6 times normal), but unfortunately not enough to knock you off the perch you've climbed too, solely because of the skill of Lilium's original creator and NOT your own.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2005
11:25 PM EDT
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