Lilium-Dance of Lies pt.1

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update:thanks for telling me the spelling and credit mistakes, Im not a very english-talkin' person.so it was a little hard.
Keep on telling me spelling mistakes please
A lot of work for Flash MX
This is NOT a copy or a parody, is a serious flash and a Lilium concept tribute.
This is a background history from the shadow that appears on Lilium's Movie, by Jhon Greneby, hope you like it.

There is a song that is not streamed so do not pause the movie.

Y Saludos a Vinnie Veritas! me gusta tu trabajo.


OMFG What an awesome song

Plz someone i need the name to this song that was so Fuckin awesome you get 10 just for the song alone without that song you would have gotten a 7

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Oh yeah, that explained EVERYTHING!

I expected this, as was stated in the description of this Flash, to be about the origins of the Shadow. That didn't tell us shit about it. It just possessed some girl and then used her to kill people. I guess you don't know what origin means. All that aside, I enjoyed it.

I truly disagree with Winter327!!!

Although he has a point that u should have and could have made it better... Its quality IS low but the music fit perfectly into place gave a much more dramatic feel... but im sad to say that it is nowhere near as good as the first one.In the future if u or anyone else does a parody make it of better quality ,but keep it DARK and DRAMATIC!!!!! and if anyone has problems with my typing I DONT CARE!!!

Freaky...Freaky good!

I like lilium very much, and this flash just drug it down into the darker chambers, I mean possession and reaping a unborn baby from a pregnant mother, I mean that'll just give me nightmares...perfect.

Quite Impressive.

It was very interesting and pretty origianal. (Which is shocking with half the stuff you see nowadays.) The things that caught me was that they were a bit dark for my tastes (Not to say it wasent great for what it was just not my thing) And the switch to heavy rock really damaged some of the mystical tragety that the opera gave it.

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Jul 5, 2005
11:25 PM EDT
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