Lilium-Dance of Lies pt.1

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update:thanks for telling me the spelling and credit mistakes, Im not a very english-talkin' person.so it was a little hard.
Keep on telling me spelling mistakes please
A lot of work for Flash MX
This is NOT a copy or a parody, is a serious flash and a Lilium concept tribute.
This is a background history from the shadow that appears on Lilium's Movie, by Jhon Greneby, hope you like it.

There is a song that is not streamed so do not pause the movie.

Y Saludos a Vinnie Veritas! me gusta tu trabajo.


You know, contrary to the others, I liked this.

Having seen the original Lilium, I did want a background story to the Shadow. Now I have it. This is not a copy of Lilium, it is a background story that is fan-made. I, for one, really enjoyed this artwork. Can't wait for the second portion.

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well i really dont know what to say i mean im curious about the shadow but to enough to create my own flash plageorizeing anothers work. that is unless u have permition


wow nice music bt dnt copy off of other pplz work

this makes me sad

i cant say im completely impartial in this because i hate when people try to remake something good in a way that you did, you say this was supposed to be the history of the shadow, but its almost the exact same story, simply put this IS a copy, you tried to take Lilium and make it your own but it just didnt work for you, in the end i just hope you did atleast get the original authors permission if your going to say that this IS the past of the shadow instead of "this is how i see its past being" although i do see potential in your art style and sound quality, it would just simply be against everything i believe to give this a good score


The music was pretty cool,the animation wasn't great,it was really good though.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2005
11:25 PM EDT
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