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The Bad Teddiz eps.2

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Here is the second part!
enjoy! SRY its said exessive nudity but it was a MISTAKE


that was kinda stupid

i dont know what jedamina was talking about... those werent teddies from conkers bad fur day. but the movie was still pretty bad.

That's it?

All it was really, was a minute long movie of two characters you took from Conker's Bad Fur Day and made them look pathetic. I'm used to a more, "bad ass" look to them, you know what I mean? I give you credit though, since you could have used stick people. Give it time, and you can make a good parody.
-get audio from the game next time
-improve the graphics
-and actually give the movie a purpose.

Its an ok flash

Ok, first of all.
My music really had bad quality for some reason.
second of all, The graphics could have been improved with a bit work. im not saying they SUCKED because i've seen MUCH worse.

The sound was bad balanced to the music.

Violence is violence.

Humor: I must say that it was kinda funny even though it was just random killing.

No better or worse from part 1

But violent and senseless nontheless. By the way I see where your going with this series, try not to compete with bunny kill. As for advice, try to use different music, its the same theme from part 1. Keep going!


this looks like something that took ten minutes to make. Why the fuck did the one bear shoot the bear with the guitar?

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Jul 5, 2005
8:31 PM EDT
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