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TehKar - Seduction Ep. 1

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Simulation - Dating

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Jul 5, 2005 | 6:01 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I loved CYOA books as a kid, and thought it would be fun to make one which told a n erotic story. Granted, there aren't as many branches as there could be, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. NOT WORK SAFE. Were I to make an episode 2, what should the content be? I'm thinking a Bukkake type story would be interesting ;). - TehKar



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pritty good.

This was a pritty good choose your own sexual adventure game. The only problem, the graphics need a little touch up job and it was hard to see the words, they were a little blurry. Other then that it was a damn fine game. You need to make a sequal where the girl you originally went to see finds the two girls together and you try to get her to join them. Keep it up.

Tehkar responds:

I'm thinking about starting the sequel that way, but as I want the "hero" of the next game to be a bit different, I'm not sure how I'll weave it together. =) Thanks for the props!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I was fascinated by this post. I am happy that it wasn't a raw sexual post, although the ending clip satisfied that imagery. The ending clip could be removed without much unhappiness on my part. The story aspect made this a good post, even though the artistry was weak (I can understand the difficulty of using a mouse to do this in such a short time, but it is still not 10 worthy). All in all, this is fantastic. My only reasonable complaint is that the choices were pretty straightforward in that you could only succeed by being assertive but gentle. For a game involving two characters I think that it was complicated enough, so great job and I'm looking forward to another one with maybe more than one way to finish, not necessarily win.

Tehkar responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, It is indeed hard to do with the mouse, but I doubt I'll be able to get myself a Tablet PC or a Wacom any time soon *pout* Until then I'll take a bit more care with the art.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Surprisngly good Lesbian Makeout Game.

Graphics: Cute, simple sketches. The colored versions at the end almost look embaressingly bad, but when it's pink-on-white, it works, somehow. The buttons could have been more stylish. Nice, readable font.

Style: There is something going on, here. The sketchy pink-on-white art seems feminine yet hesitant, like doodles in the margins of a Lisa Frank diary. The punpin' techno soundtrack seems out of place, until you learn that it's July 4th, then it starts to make sense. Apropriately enough, this was also released on the 5th. Choices are intuitive and it's easy to pick the right answer, it's all based on building sexual tension. Sound effects are kinda lame but used only where neccessary and not overdone.

Sound: Good music, but kind of repetative. It fits with the holiday theme, though. Otherwise I would have expected something softer, more like the art. The sound effects are the typical embaressing gasps and moans ripped from stock porn audio, but at least they're not too overdone.

Violence: unless you count when you lose and she slaps you, none.

Interactivity: Decent. A simple button game, nothing special, but it works and there's no bugs.

Humor: Ehh, some of the crash-and-burns are a little funny. :)

Overall: Definitely a better lesbian sex game than Orgasm Girl. I liked how the author made some effort to actually get into the minds of the characters in the story and explore their feelings and motivations. You don't usually see that on NewGrounds, OR in porn. Sexual tension was real and deliberate, a barometer for how far you dare to go next, not a tacked on anime sterotype of blushing, followed by immediate submission, followed by inexplicable orgasm. I definitely encourage this author to make more games like this one. Maybe add a more elaborate story. Maybe weave a tangled web involving more than one partner. Maybe learn some more complicated actionscript, and use variables and IF statements to keep track of what the player has done, and hold him accountable for his decisions. Add easter eggs or touchable graphics on the screen, maybe a little more animation for the visually-oriented boys playing the game.

Never loose sight of the storytelling, though. That is your strength, and it's a rarity around here, and I believe the storytelling MAKES this Flash. Admittedly, this was a cheesey and simple story, but you told it very well. Do make more. And work on further stylizing your art. Realism clearly isn't your thing. But that's okay, because it's not Flash's thing, either.

Tehkar responds:

Can't say enough how much I appreciate the in depth review! I've already started on a sequel and am hard at work threshing through the ideas. This series started as a one-time sketchdoodle game, but since the process of making it turned out to be so much fun, I decided to turn it into a series. I've already made some visual improvements in the next chapter..

As for the story and the writing, yes, that's my favorite part of what this series is about. Things like the sex sim date series out there don't touch on the characters much at all. I'm going to have a difficult time balancing the character development and non-linearity, since I want the next one to have some branches (for those of you who don't know, ep1 is pretty linear). Yeah, I'm not big on realism. I'm going to try to work in a bit more of my natural drawing style on the next one though.

I'm glad the art style worked well enough to convey the story! That was a big concern of mine.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow that was pretty good.

I'm not a lesbian or anything but that got me kinda hot... You should do more of those for sure. Maybe continue it from there but with that friend walking in... I'm looking forward to it. ; )

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Tehkar responds:

Yeah, I'd planned originally to have Jacky walk in and turn it into a threesome, but June's scene was just taking too damn long to finish LOL.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


If u make more in the future, make the graphics better.

Tehkar responds:

Better Graphics.. yeah, I'm trying to work out a way to make good quality art but not bog myself down to the point where it's not fun to make these anymore.