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MedievilMonsters Demo V.2

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Version 0.2
This is my first attempt at this kind of game, but, little by little I'm weeding out the faults, also I'm planning on adding "top veiw walkie" bits and party battle system, if I can figrue it all out, wich I will, maybe.
I will release the full version seperatly, as I intend on noone ever looking at this one again.


preety good game, compared to what i tried to do

reminds me of battleon
over all good.
you only had a couple of problems that i could see...
the mouse does kinda feel alittle heavy.
on the weird slime thingies, you said "... there dna..."when it should've been "their"
also, every now and then, real cursor shows through the actionscript.
and try to make it so the directional arrows dissapear if you to the most(right or left)part of the town.

recomendations include.
make it so all enemies give $$ or exp(or both)
add stuff like potions
add secrets, (i dont mean cheats)or easter eggs; regular players like to have something over new players.

also try to give all monsters desciptions(or make new monsters, they kinda got old after like an hour of playing)
i saw resident wiivil btw nice job on that one.
thas all i have to say, ty for listening to me ramble on for a couple of minutes

Okay for a beginner but...

You need to speed up the animation and the mouse movement fells like a weight is holding it down.




talking to guy about history you're suddenly talking to the healer. Try to buy upgrades but you have to get rid of your inventory and it takes your money without getting new item. Too many buttons you have to click everytime gets boring. Should automatically add new weapons/inventory to replace old.

Not real review

Sorry about that. this isnt so much a review because im too tired for that. the reason i am writing this is to suggest you change your buttons. having buttons where you have to click the text itself is rather annoying and that is not what you are trying to achieve. so chainge it so there is a button surrounding the text aswell. oh god that went for too long.
look i wouldint have bothered to write anything if i didnt like the game. good work keep tweeking.....and making a full game out of it.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2005
6:53 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG