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I love you all. Except people who review low and maliciously attack me >:(

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amazingly hillarious

You know what, I'm wearing checkered pants too! vawzstar, thopse comment were quacktastic or "rocked my sox uff". It took mental strain to keep listening through the nario part. spiffy guys, keep it up.


Wow this is...um....cool, yea cool! You should....um...you know...make another...one? And I was amazed when I saw the Taco Bell Chihuahua cuz they are as cool as chocobos cuz i have a pet Chihuahua. But I was grossed out when oen of you put a tube into his/her butt and started sucking his/her poo out about...1..2...almost 8 times (or something)! Its nasty

Back to the day after the fourth of July we gooooo

GunningSoul: Well, great choice of music. Can't go wrong with the Monty Python theme. And the concept of Howard the Duck 2 being produced by SS + GL is... well... frightening, to say the least. Bravo!

NLowRider: Egad, I was thinking this was going to be Star Trek: Voyager related at first... But thankfully no, that isn't the whole short. Instead we have teh fishies... Fascinating documentary. But they were not... but were they?!

Vawzstar: Very nice text for your disclaimer. You could have mentioned that you were going to caption the voiceover in the disclaimer, BTW. I was expecting just a blank screen (or the disclaimer to stay there forever). So anyway, no animation is right... but that's quite the hilarity-filled sound file. Amehrika?! Who in America says America like that. O_O Holy... crap. Okay, now it's getting freakin' disturbing. TOO MUCH LAMENITY.

ZekeySpaceyLizard: OGM, ZEKEY. The first time I have reviewed your flashes since late June... so... um... yeah. Songs about cockroaches + the Taco Bell dog = sorta funny, and I liked the background... but it just wasn't long enough, man. You gotta give us MORE MEAT. As it were. Yeah.

Needs some work.

It was alright,

Some things to improve on:

1)Don't make your openings so long, that makes the audience bored.

2)Improve the graphics and the animations, watching a duck's middle finger slowly pan up from the bottom of the screen is a little low tech.

3)Improve the audio, listening to a duck scream angrily at you as your microphone picks up backround noise sounds really bad.


Hmmmm mediocre as usual. But thanks for the Protect Point. Again!

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2.84 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2005
3:10 AM EDT