Make Obesity History

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Every three seconds....

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I know that kid on lvl 3...

I don't care what other people say...

This game makes a point! Though be it a bit extreme it is lettin people know that Junk food is called "JUNK" food for a reason! Maybe it's not your fault that you're fat and you eat healthy, but then again theres a 60% that it is you for sittin around all day eating junk food without stopping to think about WTF you are doing to your body! And if you are fat for some other reason, and you eat healthy then you've been weighted (no pun intended) with a challenge to make yourself as healthy as possible. Infact after I finish writing this i'm gonna sign that f*cking petition, SO THAT I CAN TELL 1 F*CKING FAT JOKE WITHOUT FEELING LIKE EVERYONE AT McDonalds IS GOING TO HATE ME FOREVER FOR IT!!! (I wonder how they could hear that far tho...)

wow im on a roll with this talkin! Well while im hear I noticed another point to point out!...

OH Right!...
the point!...
Sry... Hold on...

I looked at the other reviews and I noticed that Newgrounds goldies (gold members) are getting meaner and meaner! At first the reviews were like...
"Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! that was f*cking hillarious! I'm gonna sign it!"
But now it's more like...
"WTF!!! That was racist to the Fat population!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
All I gotta say is Goldies... Chill out! Flash ain't all that easy! I know... I tried the demo, and it is really f*cking confusing! And take a joke! Everyone gets made fun of eventually! Fat isn't even all that bad in my opinion, but too much of being fat could be a problem! And it ain't pretty! sry but it's not... (here's a disturbing image to think about... (flap of stomach fat clevage... eww!... Holy sh*t IT TALKED!!!))

The flash itself wasn't all that amazing, but it was HILLARIOUS the first 2 times, then it got boring... But it was pretty good! I know what you're thinking... "omg finaly he shut's up"... and you're right! besides I've got some petion signin to do for "M.O.H."

i agree with the last guy

but its not really racist. Fatness is not a race. But this is a piece of shit.

This is just bullying

What the fuck do u think you're doing?!!??
not only was the game really bad quality, but it was extremely offensive to people that may be overweight
do you have any idea how that could make someone feel?
To be totally honest, if you think this is funny, you're just cruel
its a shame people like you only see a stereotypical picture of obese people
theyre just as smart and clever as you - infact, by the looks of this game, most are probably leagues ahead of you when it comes to intelligence
so just back off and leave them alone!

The point of the game is

There was no point to the game at all

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Jul 4, 2005
8:01 PM EDT
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