What is a flash?

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I finally bring to you; another flash comparable to the HNT series. In this piece, we observe the assumptions we are drenched in and guide ourselves to a higher truth through means of deductively valid reasoning. This particular presentation is a bit more intellectual than my prior work, but I managed to throw in some humor here and there. So give it a gander and I am sure you will be presently surprised.

A special thanks to mp3 lock who brought this flash to new heights.


A definition to reign through the ages

Funny thing is that I'm taking a class over practically this subject. The whole class is about argument and writing in general, but about 80% so far has been about defining what you are arguing about. It's complicated, but interesting. (that's saying something, since I'm more of a history and science student than an english student!)

JujubeLock responds:

Philosophy in this area is a fascinating subject and it makes people question ideas they take for granted like "what is reading?" Also, its interesting to try and figure out when a literary work goes from being one style to another.

I fully hope you appreciate your course because understanding the foundations of the subject matter will give you a greater understanding over cognition in general.

Thanks for the review. :)

haha this is a funny and intellectual experience

you may not notice but aswell as this flash being funny and quite clever its also really well animated if you watch closely. Work of art. but not flash lol

JujubeLock responds:

It was indeed a work of art.

that was disturbing.......

but good.
i liked teh part where commie is like jubjube lock really likes 2 talk. and all teh stuff with a ninja is not a flash.
oh and a tonberry is a green creature with a yellow hood using some wierd knife its from *FINAL FANTASY*

happy halloween

JujubeLock responds:

Thanks for clearing that up, I would never have figured that out. People really go apeshit for that Final Fantasy don't they?

you guys did goooood..........

the flash was ok i liked the random pictures in there but as in the words of the wise tonnberry "This flash sucks like a bucket of ticks."

JujubeLock responds:

What is a "tonnberry"?

lol.. conclusion... mostly waffle...

I was thinking you would be onto something here and my opinions on the locks as a whole group would improve, but by the end this sounded like the speech between the architect and Neo in the matrix 2... in your efforts to sound highly academic and professional (funny considering those google images in the background XD) I'd wager you barely understood that yourself by the end if at all!

Saying something isn't a flash may be used too much around here, but over half the users here wouldn't exactly win any intelligence tests...

The issue I assumbe you were discussing was it's more a case of anyone can do flash movies but not anyone can do it well... it's a versatile program but as with any it has it's limits, however if a movie has genuine effort put into it (more then a couple days worth unless they work flat out -_-) it still counts as a flash movie... and that's putting meaning aside and not examining the meanings of the flash movie content... and that considered too locky guys.... could fill a fucking book you could go on that long about it...

Anyways I was hoping to be enlightened by this... when in fact the parts that weren't waffle I already knew! But hey whatever to each their own... ¬_¬

JujubeLock responds:

You can fill a book about anything. I had some difficulty understanding the message you were attempting to convey with this review, so I'll just leave it at that.

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Jul 4, 2005
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