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A cool mini game to test your reaction skills, play on www.coolroy.tk for high scores! (see who's skills are better then yours and maybe you are THE ONE!)

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fun little game that gets kid of boring

i liked but you should of made whatever falls fall faster and you get points for waiting longer to move. still a solid title


was alright actually, until it gets stupid when there isn't actually enough time for you to see the tip of the ball coming from the ceiling and for the frog to acknowledge your movement so basically you have to actually just guess where it will come from. It was alright tho, I put your score up.

I don't think it deserves blamming.

But considering I *always* give out 10 out of 10 for overall. It should never see the light of frontpage either.

Not bad.

Good Job.
Got too hard at the ending, but it was good after all. ;)

2241 TOP SCORE!!


There is a slight bug in the game go, when it's on a really hard level, I found that if I was hit while halfway through moving I didn't die. Don't know if anyone else was getting that problem, but I did.

Otherwise great game.