Super Mario Physics

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Update 7/06/05 - I'm in awe. Not only was this on front page, but it was featured on Attack of the Show?! Um... thank you? A lot?

VIEWERS BEWARE! This movie is slightly educational! A friend and I made this video for a presentation grade in our physics class. We got a 100. ^,^

Despite it's scholastic value, the class (which was almost entirely comprised of seniors deep in the throes of senioritis) seemed to think it was pretty funny... so I'm submitting it. Enjoy.


wow,that was great

@Kateetak.....what is wrong with you?That was very fun and educating+very very well done.The audio was great it had humor good examples...how can you say that it was very bad.for that audio you CANT give a 0....that just shows that your a whiney bitch!
MAGIUS...that was a very good toon,i normali hate sprite movies but that was enjoyable!!!

Magius responds:

Thank you for defending my movie! :D

Exelent combination.

Physics and Mario! Perfect! I acutally learned somthing! Make more. I liked Yoshi and waves! Hey, why not make mario human biology and get yoshi to eat him.

Magius responds:


I loved it!

I learned a lot from that. I will probably need it later in school. Make more! This is a real easy way to learn things! Way to go! :-D


this flash taught me more math than a year of high school ever could :D

haha good job, keep it up.

Magius responds:

Holy crap. I can't even find any math in this movie! What did you do in high school, man?!

Weary orginal :D

A interasting combinacjon of wave knoleg and Maio World. Kids can lear obowt waves and se mario :P

Ps: Coming Next on you Nintendo DS "Mario Phisic" , " Mario Arytmatics " , " Mario Modeling " , "Mario Tenis" :P :D xD
(Just jocking :P)

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Jul 3, 2005
3:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody