XIN Session 15

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*Thank you Newgrounds for letting us be on the front page together with so many other great works. It's truly an honor. And thank you to everyone for all the comments.

Special thanks to the members of the Voice Acting Alliance who helped us make this session possible. It's nearing 2 years since we started this series, and we probably couldn't have ever come this far if it weren't for a place like Newgrounds.com.Thanks again to everyone for their comments and support, and we hope you enjoy this session.:)

Session 15 begins the mayhem until the chapter finale in Session 18. It depicts several fights that start off Varron Academy's plans to crush the transfer students. More information about the series can be found at our site.


A 2/10 ... Its like a 0 to me...

MY point of view... THIS IS STUPID!!! ... OK ... Watch this:
Graphics. Uhh...graphics...what?...What graphics? You mean that manga "Kiyaa" style shit? Pfft...pa-lease...
Style.Manga style. A 10year-old entertaiment style.Yes im 13. FUCK THAT. Yeah and that Anal Poping Rushmore.
Sound.Probably the best here.However Voices were almost same.Uhh Music? Cant remember any... Most be some manga style music.
Violence. Low quality red "bleeding" faces. Yawn...
Humor.Anal poping rushmore...lol...

Ok im done...Read carefuly and THINK ABOUT IT !

Luckily The ending saved me

from killing myself. Holy shit. How do you get front page?!
Stupid, played out, unoriginal, Cliche anime bullshit. Hopefully this is a parody or a comedy or something, Because I was laughing my ass off the entire time. I wouldn't be so cruel on my review if the rest of newgrounds wasn't fellating you.
Graphics: poorly drawn. even still frames that don't need to be animated look like they were cut out concrete using a spoon. You've used the most unoriginal cliche art style ever: ANIME.
Style: Played out, bullshit plot about as interesting as garbage.
Sound: who cares, nothing special.
Violence: Like people trading off special moves in street fighter II. Oh wait, the people in street fighter looked above the age of 10.
Seriously how can you help but laugh at this crap?
10 year olds wearing trendy clothes with characteristic haircuts, with no eyes ( because that's artistic and unique) trading off one liners to eachother. One guy is spinning around as he punches with the typical CRAZY FLASHING LIGHTS ZOOMING BY!!!! The airplane has just crashed into the mountain. To everyone reading this review. Stop being a tool. Step 1. BLAM THIS CRAP.


this put me to sleep. i liked the voices a bit but overall, not good.

Very bad.

I really don't understand how you can still be making these, or how they can be as popular as they seem to be.

The voice acting is horrible, but then again every single flash I've seen has horrible voice acting.

The animation is the very opposite of smooth, and the artwork is sub-par at best.

Last thing I'm going to talk about is story. You have created (supposing that the story line was created by you) the worst, least interesting, most convoluted storyline I've ever seen in a series. Period.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a lot of flash here on Newgrounds. Yours really does stink, though.


man your anime sucks, just deal with it and find a new way to draw. but the voice acting was fantastic so you got sound points.

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Jul 2, 2005
2:21 PM EDT
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