XIN Session 15

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*Thank you Newgrounds for letting us be on the front page together with so many other great works. It's truly an honor. And thank you to everyone for all the comments.

Special thanks to the members of the Voice Acting Alliance who helped us make this session possible. It's nearing 2 years since we started this series, and we probably couldn't have ever come this far if it weren't for a place like Newgrounds.com.Thanks again to everyone for their comments and support, and we hope you enjoy this session.:)

Session 15 begins the mayhem until the chapter finale in Session 18. It depicts several fights that start off Varron Academy's plans to crush the transfer students. More information about the series can be found at our site.


I'm enjoying the series, it's pretty good

I like how the details and smoothness and graphics are improving like most series as they go on, along with better fighting animation. And the story and plot is improving alot since the 1st few "sessions." I hope the characters also develope even further and much more distinguishing besides looks, I have a hard time summing up each character within the first few sessions because they all sort of have the same...motive and attitudes. But I still think the series is done nicely and I only hope the plot gets thicker, more complex and unique.


Dude....that was awesome.


lovely use of comic relief over all birlliants as usual i love your work nothing said it's perfect

bloody awsome

i just got done wachin all 15 ep. realy realy good stuff


I think this is the best session so far. It had a lot of action, and fantastic progression in the story. My liking of XIN has grown too, hes become such a cool character, well they all have become cool actually. Anyways in my review i will briefly explain each aspect, as great flash deserve great reviews!

The graphics are awesome. The drawings are soo cool and each character looks really good. The backrounds and especially the school look amazing. The detail in them is incredible and it shows you put a lot of effort into this. The character design, as i said was extremely cool. The animation was very good as well, it was a little different but thats what i like about it. Your animating style has always been a little different than the usual, but i love it. Anyways awesome graphics overall.

Your style is and always has been very good, a big part of this is your animating style which i have already explained. The progression of the story is fantastic throughout each session, and thats just great to see as many artists fail to do so. The characters personalities are very well developped, another thing many artists fail to do. Each character has a role that works with the story. The feel is great in this series, i love the intensity of all the fights. Your stories in each one of your submissions impress me. They are always well thought through, compelling and complex and always extremely creative. This series is no exception on that.

The sound is brilliant. All the sounds work together very nicely and sometimes its very pleasant to listen to. The music was awesome and of course it helped set the mood as it does in every session. The sound effects were varied, which is always great to hear, but they were also just plain cool. I enjoyed each one that i recall, from punches to bones cracking(i find that so cool when XIN does that.) The voice acting is awesome, i have loved it ever since you started having it in the series. Anyways a congrats goes to the voice acting crew. Expression and character is great, each character has a very distinct voice.

~There was a lot of wicked cool violence in this and lots of action. There was even some humour, and i loved that scene as well.!

Overall fantastic job guys. Great job voice actors, and all of Lifepoint1. You guys are great. This submission convinces me that Lifepoint1 gets a scure place in my favourite authors. Please keep up the great work!!! 5/5

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