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Odd short about a mechanical bird poacher.. or something like that. Animated mainly by hand (with real live paper, no less!), which i vow never to do again.

The music track is "Summer Living" by mu-ziq, off the Brace Yourself EP. If you like it i recommend you grab a copy, as the heavily compressed clip in the movie doesn't do it any justice. The rest of the cd kicks ass too, btw.

Bitmaps and audio are obviously compressed a lot for newgrounds' sake; a larger copy can be found on my site.



doing it on paper like that adds a ton of style to the work, if you can make doing it on paper easier for yourself and get a real story going, freehand drawing on paper will give so much more detail to your work. However much it counts for, i respect you for freehanding on paper. Keeping a sence of style is crutial to in my opinion. Maybe combine freehand with flash draw things, or telling a fairy-tale page by page with your drawings. Just my 2 cents, thinking with my mouth open and all. Good luck to you i hope to see more.

good one

very nice animation. the graphics for the birdthingy guy was prety good too. you got some good drawing skills and your flash skills are good too. i look forward to seeing more flash work from you.
congrats on winning an award for this one too.

Really cool and original

That was pretty much unlike any other flash I've seen. Made me feel sorry for the birdthingy, I'll tell ya that lol

Music was perfect for it, and it's always a really good - and sometimes necessary - bonus for the animation to fit the music. I liked the tiny little story it told as well. Good job!


WOW this is one of the most original movies i have ever seen...... the whole layout of the movie just blows me away especially the use of music (which fit perfectly) and it was all topped off by a little bit of humour at the end
excellent work please keep it up

not bad

Animation in it was great. Looks like drawings all tied together into a flash. A little short, and it could have been more fluid, but that would mean that more drawings would have had to been done. Overall, good short.

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4.06 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2005
12:46 AM EDT