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I have no idea why, but the flash movie seen here was spiked by some strage emotional feeling that I had inside; I felt I could best describe my feeling with flash! Please let me know what you think of this movie, all comments are welcome.

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Pretty nice

Its a good lesson teaching flash I liked it, the irony and veerything it was really good I enjoyed watching your flash made me smile at the end :)

not bad

nice drawings and cool music. a bit random storyline, but it was a really good animation overall.

hey keep working!!

hey man!!!that was a ggood idea ...i can tell u r a good story teller and that is very emportant in animation.
the graphics are not bad but are done in a very careless way ...its probably ur style but is still to messy!!.....the cameras are well put but in term of animation i would say there are some bits where the whole thing starts to stop ..i dunno if that is coz of my internet speed ..(i dont think so)....thats all........if u keep working hard u r gonna get good at this.......(i gave u a 3) next tiem ill give u a 4 o even a 5!!..bi

Kinda slow, but good direction.

Don't listen to Extion83. He's probabaly never known a woman who's had anything better to do than wait on him hand and foot all day long.

Graphics: I felt the drawing style was kinda lacking, but it gets the job done. Animation was sparse but effective, and avoided the common pitfall of trying to do too much without drawing new animation frames.

Style: Soft colors and wavy lines work together with the music to create some serious atmosphere. Events were timed pretty well with the song, but this could have been improved further. Not a whole lot of emotion was conveyed by the character's expressions. Basic feelings were expressed, but not nuanced at all.

Sound: Sappy hippie music com... I mean, a sad 60's love song compliments the events of this short, simple breakup story. No sounds, and maybe it didn't need them. I just wish the song had been more interesting, musically.

Violence: Until the femenists pass legislation declaring calling a woman fat to be domestic violence, none.

Interactivity: None. Movie.

Humor: None.

Overall: Above average. Actually I think maybe my plot-starved brain was just eager to see something with a story in it. I definitely encourage this author to make more cartoons. And if the author's mood improves, hopefully we can expect something upbeat and a little more elaborate in the future. :)

FlashBulb responds:

Thank you for your nice detailed review, I really appreciate it! I'll try to to put your suggestions to good use, I definately agree with everything you said about my animation. To be honest, I look forward to YOU reviewing my movies again, I really appreciate how you explained things HONESTLY on how to improve my animations.

I hope I got what I think you meant...

Hah! So I'm supposed to be sad for this chick? Man, she doesn't clean the house, she doesn't have a job, she's fat, and she doesn't even press Johnny's shirts. "He's that jerk!" No, you're just a lazy whore. 7 months later, she's got another man living in, what's probably, Johnny's house to begin with! God, I hope you make a second episode where Johnny installs bars on all the windows, locks her and her new boyfriend in the house, and sets in on fire, 'cuz THAT'S the ending I was looking for.

FlashBulb responds:

Haha! Ok, I'll consider doing that second episode. Like I said in my description, this was the current emotion I was feeling during the time I was animating this short animation. In addition, I was trying to convey the meaning of the song. But anyhow, thanks for your response, I'll do my best to make use of it ;)

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2.63 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2005
4:53 PM EDT
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