Rescue: part 2

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Rescue part 2 is the sequal to Rescue part 1 wich is about how Ken attempt to rescue a girl named Zoe from Heaven but in the process rescued her sister Lori. Now Ken has to try again to rescue Zoe.


Nice animation and ideas. See for yourself!

REscue:part 2 is like a paper-mache. With basic materials and great skills the author created interesting film, that many will find good.

The film and the animation are made strictly in 2D (kind of reminds Paper Mario). It looks litle crappy when the characters turns their heads. Thought the characters are drawn and animated very good (movement, also you can see they have style) they lack this smoothness so liked in Flash. Hopefully the the water run effects are just wicked, and the impression of growing city when the female character flies up is wonderful.

In my opinion, the story is just an excuse for the other, better parts of the film. It's just about another hero rescuing another girls from not everyday evil thingy. But I enjoyed the moments when Ken felt down on the street or when he gets slapped by a girl (looked more like being slapped by 1 ton hammer:) Details like that keeps the viewers near the screen. Also thought the story doesn't amaze us, it's always better than a non-story related fighting clip.

The music is the least thing in the film. We notice it for the first time in the opening. It is either badly compiled, or low quality, but neither one is suitable for someone with who appreciate a good piece of audio work. Personally i couldn't make anything of the music in the opening. The only audio i enjoyed was the fighting sounds and Ken sayings (any other charactes were mumbling under their noses).

The overall is good. The grahpics bring fresh ideas in the world of Flash animation, the music not. Worthy viewing to se some great ideas :)
P. S. I would give it 7 if it weren't for the ZEBRA in the beginning and the end of te film. It's not what it was doing there, it's what Ken was doing with it 'o_0'

you had something but it just wasnt great

Well i got wind of you when i protected your come on run video which is in my favorite submisions. This one had its ups and downs. The characters were well done. They were interesting and looked ok but they were very 2D which i can forgive. But the special effects were Special... special Ed that is. I like the story line all the way around. the battle scenes and i use that lossly no. The water effects you added Alsome. using real picks for backround understandable. But WTF was with the zebra just sitting there. On one more thing i think needed fixing bad was the angels wings and arms. when he turned the back of his wings should look different and his arms should be hidden by the wings. i doing alittle flash but you look like a master compared to the 5 secound blips of crap im ashamed to submit, know that the arms are high on the levels or lares then the wings so you should have 2 sets to make that appear alittle better. although they could very well be the same thing just copied and pasted for all i care. just as long as when he turns they're on the other side of the wings.

but critisizm aside. Very good work and i look forward to more submitions from you.

Vuny responds:

Well keep in mind I did this before Come on and run, when I was still new at flash. I'd admit, this is a pretty crapy flash, especially when I look at it now. These mistakes I've made, I hope I've improved upon. ^ ^;; But you know what? I don't really like this flash. It's old and crapy and ameture. And I'm not just saying that to be modest.

Your Movie is like McGriddles.

Weird but good.

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Graphics: I dunno, at some parts it was medicore, like the visible seams in some images, bad looking tweens, etc. But then there were moments were it looked great.

Style: As far as plot, it was non existant.

Sound: Bad voice acting and sound effects.

Violence: nothing needs to be said here.

Interactivity: 1 point for the play button.

Humor: None that I saw.

Overall: Okay, could use some work.

Vuny responds:

True True, but I was still learning during this period. I hope I've gotten better now.

you didnt get a 10 because

you spelled RESCUE wrong in the opening scene. too eager to get this on newgrounds huh? A =for effort though!

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2.21 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2005
11:55 PM EDT
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