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***Second Newgrounds Submitted Flash***


Well this is a very short animation, I made very quickly today, mainly because someone close to me is going away for awhile and i shall miss her dearly, this animation was done entirely on computer, due to the amount of sound files I actually used in this the quality has suffered, so try not to be too harsh. Really it’s just about loving someone and missing them no matter what the circumstances are.

Thank you viewers, Email me if you want anything.


((( STRANGE )))

Abit strange but interesting, the voices were different as was the art abit fuzzy, but anyways you may want to add more content maybe some clearer voices, and just overall more to the flash, it was neat though...


Sa1nt responds:

Thanks for your reply, grately appreciated, My art isnt too brilliant mainly because i never put my whole attention into any one project thus producing a few in a short time that arnt above par.


not too bad... seems a bit of a shame about the lip-synching... but oh well, it was an alright animation and your efforts on this one were pretty good.

Sa1nt responds:

I agree, i wish i could fix the lip syncing, god knows i've tried, but doesn't seem to work, thanks for watching and reviewing this.


You are pretty evil

By teling me that this is about a loved one you know if I say anything bad about it I will be guilt ridden and burn in hell forever.

To bad for you I'm a heartless bastard hethen who just wasted 40 secounds of his life for horribly made flash.


Sa1nt responds:

I am evil, however, Thank you for taking the time to review this aswell as watch it, i'm very greatful.


I can give you all my sympathy, loosing somone you love is hard. I hope that never happeneds between me and my girlfriend.

Sa1nt responds:

Much appreciated, thanks for taking the time to review this. :)

I know how you feel

I really liked that movie. It is the same with me and my girlfriend. I havent seen her since summer started but I will never forget her. Fix the sound a bit and this movie will be awsome for all of those people who want to feel touched. This is definetly somthing diffrent wich is what newgrounds needs, hence the name NEWgrounds. Keep up the good work.

Sa1nt responds:

What you said meant a lot, thats what this movie was made and animated for. everyone who new the feeling seemed to have appreaciated it alot more.

Thanks for reviewing my animation, hope it didnt waste too much of your time. =)

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2.85 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2005
10:49 PM EDT
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