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Last Robot Standing

rated 2.39 / 5 stars
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Jun 28, 2005 | 9:04 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is the intro movie to the BYOND game (, Last Robot Standing. The game will be finished shortly by it's production staff, DDT (
I thought I'd share the movie with you.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Elly, dude

We all know that game is not good.
It's quite time.consuming, OK, but... come on.
Why don't you make a movie for blasphemy? :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars


I played that over-rated byond sucked and was totally boring.Yet it is ranked so high.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Byond Rules!!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I hate previews. But I'll try to be objective.

Graphics: 5 some nice drawings and good animation on the spinning, flaming ship. They don't work together to paint a vivid, convincing scene, though. I'd CG the sketches if I were you, or if you don't have photoshop, replace them wirh graphics. Hey, you want to know a good way to make the sketches look convincing without much work? Invert them (so it's white lines on black paper,) duplicate it to a new layer, then blur that layer and set it to additive (or "screen, depending on what program you use." That will produce a nice glow around the lines. Then just tint the whoel thing so it's green-on-black, and poof, you've got the world through the eyes of a computer.

Style: Easily the best part of the presentation. I wouldn't change a thing if I were directing this movie.

Sound: Okay. Could be better. Robot voices are easy to do, but hard to do in a way that sounds interesting. The music was interesting and not too booring. In would suggest closed captioning for the whole thing, not just some scenes, because the voice is a little tough to understand.

Violence: Low. The complete annihilation of an entire alien civilization is much less violent and horrific than most music videos at Newgrounds. Even though this is a low number, I consider this a positive thing. Blood everywhere when you're playing a robot would just be kinda lame, you know? Stick with the explosions.

Interactivity: Movie.

Humor: None.

Overall: Not bad. Visuals could use some work. It looks like a bunch of different parts and drawing styles stuck together. Try to make it all vector, or all hand drawn, or all CG, but don't mix and match unless the various styles compliment each other. Also, DON'T POST DEMOS. Don't post half-finished projects. Don't post part of a cartoon or a game and go "If people vote 5 I will release the whole thing!" Just release the whole thing. I know you want encouragement, but this is not the way to get it. Try asking for beta viewers or testers in the forums. Don't just throw it to the general public.

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Kholint responds:

Thanks for your advice about the non-vector and vector art. I'll take it into mind next time!

This is an intro movie to an actual game wrote using DM, and can be run using the BYOND software suite. It's a very fun game, and should be finished pretty soon. I just thought you guys might like to see the movie. It seems pretty nice to me. :p
Anyway, thanks for your (relatively) lengthy review! Many thanks.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Learn how to make a preview

that was a horrible preview.

1. bad voice/bad explanation
2.didnt show any gameplay/movie preview
3.didnt really explain what this movie/games characters will be.