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June 28, 2005 –
June 7, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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that was pretty good for your 2nd flash & you have good potencial (lol spelling) so i hope this will have a no.2
some improvments you could have
better sprites (the higher detail ones)
more sounds & better timing of sounds
animation quality

still a great movie to watch & again hope there is a no.2


The overall flash is nothing special, nothing we havent seen before. We could have done without the huge play bar and the gifs, those kind of got on my nerves.

Most I find to be boring but you actually drew some thigns on here but i was surprised to realize.

I saved you the time and found the ID number: 21636

You jumped from 16-bit sprites... To whatever that last Bowser was [ 16-bit? ]. Maybe it's just me... But I like sprite formats to stay the same throughout the whole thing. But other than that... 'Twas very good. Very good indeed.

That was cool! That is all I can say!!

My god that was good!
Even though it was "to be continued" I thought everything was done well

The fight seen was awesome
great physics

How long till part 2?

Wow that was awsome for your second flash=o. Keep up the ggod work =D. \m/

Needs a little bit of work, but you defenitely show some skill. Your future work will be great, but right now, you're rough around the edges. Keep practicing!

Ive ben messing round with flash for like 1 day..and im 18 and mine completely suck..but your like almsot half my age and kick seriuos ass...i hail thee! Cant wait to see more
<3 ~chocci~

It was like Madness or something in the Flashback when they were fighting!

See you on the frontpage!

You've got real talent kid, are you really 13? Have been training all of your life or what?

It was pretty good. Everything was enjoyable but I have two problems the buttons were annoying and the sprite you used for bowser's transformation didn't fit.

Nice job on the first, cant wait to see the second.

in general I thought the movie was boring. But in particular that
cursor and fashing NG symbol were annoying. I had to resize my screen to block it out.

great job, best sprite movie I ever did see. One problem I saw though, scene jump buttons, they only went forward or backwards 1 frame not 1 scene. fix that, and it's at least grade A-(cause it's a sprite movie).

the only thing i didnt like was the cursor :X well i liked how it looked but it was in the way o.-

your mario sprites looked weird (the color)

awesome moveh :O


pretty awesome! cant wait till part 2! good job & keep up the good work.

That was really strange but...cool at the same time lol.


Good sprite animation
Good backgrounds and all that
Good sound


The scene forward and back buttons don't work
And the NG logo flashing gets real annoying

other than that

keep it up

that was sweet but it would be even better if they said acutual words and i cant wait for the sequal

That movie was good compared to the ones I've seen on this site.

Pretty good sprite movie, congrats.

this flash isnt bad but its missing humor and more voices of conversation cause mario and luigi only say few things and repeat them along the movie it would be perfect if u do part 2 with your voice and with more humor and violence (with blood)

i saw no flaws at all. can't wait till the next one.

every once and a while an original sprite movie comes to newgrounds.......this is one of those once in a whiles. Few people can do somthing this good.....nowaday, there are just to many crappy flashes. keep it up dude.

A very nice job matt, better then a lot of sprite movie makers. Everything in this movie was good. I liked the bit where the bar lost a life. Hope you do more.

...for a sprite movie

Dude that was awesome! And i usually don't like mario sprite stuff. The Mario cursor was really cool; i had fun playin with it. nice job.

if this is only your second flash you're amazing. kudos to a great movie, but fix that crapy sound, I know you said you fixed it, but it still is really fuzzy.


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