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(preloader take 3 -this will have to do)
i had this dream once...about a swordfish....and i was a water inspector.

i have yet to master the preloader. i hope she works.

2016 update: replaced chemical brothers song!

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I like this

Does anyone know the name of the song? It sure is rockin!


You and your flash work are gems, figuratively speaking. You're obviously not actual gems. Thank God..

. and I reckon 'Boycott the Swiss' because they sell defective cheese (i.e. holes), and c'mon, fuck this neutrality fence-sitting douche-nozzle behaviour. Make a decision for once, swissyboys.


???????????????? why


I don't know what it is about your work that makes everything about it seem so significant.

Fishes can be pretty helpful!

Same thing happend to me, i had a confucing dream about sinking in the ocean, but than i started breathing and i somehow survived...
But when I got out, the killer whale came...and thats how it ended, and actually, that is the way everything will end...! ::))

Great work, superb music, and storyline!