Chief's Customs V.1

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Well,here's the final version. Over 50 customization options, and over 70000 custom mixes.

Also, if you're interested and you have a good idea, please design some body kits, bumpers, or color palettes for the hog so that I can add them in.

Have fun,


**Edit** OK, preloader fixed. Now have fun!


Your game needs a shut up button

That is the most annoying noise ever.


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the-disturbed responds:


It WAS just another warthog pimping game

But it was pretty good. Like the other guy said the color changed on me, but like you said, you're working on it. The system was a little confusing at first, but you get used to it. I liked the fact that it was in forced perspective... very cool. If you can it would be cool if you could change camera angles, if you know what I mean. Anyway, good and you get a 5.

the-disturbed responds:

The camera angles thing...will be out in V. 1.5. But until then, stay with the forced.



This wasn't too bad, but only one point, the body color kept changing on me as I went through the various options, I chose a color I liked, went to look through the other options and as soon as I clicked on 'next' the body's gone olive-green again
Keep up the good work

the-disturbed responds:

Bug. Trying to fix. Getting really gay.


whats the HIDE OUT?

Yeah, i saw you were replying to all the reviews thus far, so I thought I'd ask what the option "HIDE OUT" is for. At least, thats what I think it says, it cuts off near the end. This was a fun modding game because it was Halo and not some stupid rice rocket sports car instead. Though hydrolics would be pretty funny to see on this thing.

the-disturbed responds:

it doesnt say Hide Out, it says HIDE GUI. If you wanted to take a picture for your desktop without the Graphical User Interface (GUI, or the menu) showing, just hide the blue thing then hide the GUI. currently, this isnt programmed in, but I'll be adding that feature to the next update (1.1. Why? because I plan to have 50 front bumpers, 50 rims, 20 back bumpers, and so on...but in the next update, there'll only be double everything here.)



how does it work?

can u tell me how it works? I dunno how to change the stuff. Can u help me out?

the-disturbed responds:

are you kiddin me? just press the buttons, and when you come across a section that you want to change, press down. To select an upgrade after you get to the "Pick a style" screen, press down again. to reset the piece to stock, press the up above the category. Helpful?


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2.90 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2005
11:45 AM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set