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Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail

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Jun 26, 2005 | 7:04 AM EDT

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Author Comments

>> Please note That If you Are Using memory on other programs It will Probably Cause the Game to Become Laggy In some areas. Select Medium Quality, by right-clicking if it persists as the graphics are barely affected by this<<

Please let me over the 3.5 line guys, I'm so close.. have heart! The blue banner elluds me!
I have learnt from and appreciated all my past reviews and would love to hear any suggestions or legitimate complaints, with a reason too, I really hate it when people say, “Didn’t like it. Score = O. Too many probs.” It makes me think, What probs?

This is my third game, based on the same concept as the other two but with much extra. I’m proud of the better transition scenes, the growing number of seemingly “3D” items and the shop.
It is just the one level, I had planned on more, but I want to start fresh and add more improvements so I’m cutting loose… There is a second level (half finished), if this makes it front page I’ll try to finish it and add it, since adding to a dead link will mean no-one will see it. If the games too hard buy some medikits, the Uzis just for fun.

The challenge, pass the level without a medikit, I can, but I made it so I dunno, and saving all the hostages… Extra points for no uzi. Have fun, and If you like the game don’t be harsh when you vote, think how many ideas people will give me if I get to front page, and from those a bigger, better game may arise! Think about it.


Left-Click – Fire
Space – Reload
D – Duck
P – Menu “Dose not pause”
M – Use medikit
1–2-3 – Weapon change, pistol, shotgun, uzi.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've been an NG member for a couple (at least) years now and this is one of the most refreshing game sI've played in a while. Few little ideas and pointers.

The crosshair is too large - this makes shooting a tad inaccurate at times. Either make the crosshair change colour while it is over an enemy or just reduce it in size.
Secondly, I thought the slow frame rate really let down your fantastic artistic ability! Speed it up to as fast as you can be bothered to animate. Even 20 fps would be considerably smoother.
I like the style of your drawing but felt sometimes they did not contrast enough with the backgrounds. Whilst this did not make them hard to see I did feel they could've been more obvious!
Awesome game - really impressed - I voted five to bring you a little closer to the 3.5 threshold. Check out my submissions and if you think im worthy then I'd be up for a team project! If not - good luck!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

loved the game, great upgrade ideas

Terrorists are getting to be overdone, great idea making it old western!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good job, a fun little game.

This was good for a couple reasons. It was actually well done as far as gaming on NG goes. In my review i will quickly explain each aspect.

The graphics were good though there was something lacking. It might have been the detail in the backrounds. The detail in the characters was just fine. I cant exactly put my finger on it, but i didnt like your animating style, character design, colours and animation. The style was good overall, but it had one big flaw. The controls werent very well thought out. My hand looked a little awkward while playing, to swtich weapons you had to go to the top of the keyboard when space and D are at the bottom. P was to pause and M was medkit. The controls were all over the keyboard, and it made the final product less enjoyable. The sound was good, but the shot gun and the pistol sounded the same. The music got annoying fairly quickly. But the audio quality was good. The interacivity was good and so was the amount of violence.

Overall the final product made a game worth playing. It could have been better than this if it werent for a few flaws. Anyways keep at it, you got some talent!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Everything in here is good, and I like the Time Crisis style too but the music can get annoying sometimes and for the shotgun maybe add a different sound other than the handgun sound and the coins are kinda hard to get other than that its all good. I hope it goes to front page.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not that bad....

But you could use some work on a storyline and redeifine the controls cuase its not easy to play on a qwerty if u need that Medpack key en duck key at the same time but otherwise it was good.