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Star Wars Episode 3: ROTV

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You can now purchase my latest singles on iTunes from the link below. I want to thank everyone for their continued support!


Update: Daily 5th place, awesome!

In case you guys don't know, this movie is also known as Vince Trigger 3. This is the final episode to the Vince Trigger trilogy.

It's been 6 months since my last movie so this was a big project for me. I got Omahdon to voice act in this movie (he's the voice of Black Mage in the "8-Bit Theater" series and has done some voices for the "FF Mixed In Balamb" series). In this movie he is the voice of Vince. I want to thank A17Roolz, Mightydien, and Omahdon for their support. And I want to thank the fans, who have inspired me to make this movie. I worked very hard on this so I hope you guys enjoy it!

If you have no idea who Shin2k27 and Moogleslaye are, then continue reading to learn about our history. Update: It looks like our good friend Shin2k27 has won the "drama queen" award over at the NG BBS! Congrats Shinny boy, you finally got the award you deserve! Oh and thanks for the Daily 5th, you guys are too kind.

History of the Vinstigator vs. Shin2k27 feud: This was one of the biggest rivalries on Newgrounds! It spawned many topics and flash movies. It all started when Shin2k27 challenged me to a flash duel because he felt I was getting too "arrogant" so he tried to "take me out" so to speak. Well it didn't turn out too well for him and he lost... big time. So you can imagine how pissed he got.

What made matters worse was the fact that he thought that I had sent some fans to virus him and crash his computer! But I never told anybody to do that. Hell I didn't even know about it until he announced it! As for Moogleslayer... he became Shin's right hand man after he started hating me for some stupid ass reason. His grammar is HORRIBLE! Look at this topic to see what I'm talking about...


Also watch out, Moogleslayer's dad is a police man!


That's why I say "based on a true story". And Shin used to always do that annoying "sigh" shit and would always say that I'm "avoiding facts". Check out these topics that I have compiled. It will help you understand our rivalry more. And you'll also get more of the jokes in my "Vince Trigger" series. It is definitely an entertaining feud...

Here is a topic where me & an enemy put aside our differences, but then Shin made an appearance...


"Vinstigator Should be Banned" a topic about why I should be banned from Newgrounds. A classic in its own right...


A topic where Moogleslayer asked about help on how to draw. After I insult him, his knight in shining armor (Shin) comes to his aid...


"Vinstigator is God" a joke topic made by my friend. The reason he made this is because I joked that there wasn't enough positive topics about me. So he made that thread. However, Shin made an appearance and the rest is history...


"Shin2k27 vs. Vince Trigger" this was a topic Shin made about our flash duel. He was upset that I was beating him score wise so he wanted to get the opinions of the Newgrounds users...


This next topic was the Downfall of Shin2k27. He was voted "Drama Queen 2004" by the Newgrounds users. Well he didn't take too lightly to that and basically proved why he was picked as drama queen. It was the final nail in Shin's coffin...


And that was the end of our feud. In the end, Vinstigator stood victorious. I haven't heard from Shin since 2005 but I'm sure he has just as much hate for me now than he did back then. Gotta thank him for this legendary feud. Without it, the Vince Trigger trilogy wouldn't exist.

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I.. just.. realized.. oh.. noes.. oh.. lawdy..

THIS IS HORRIBLE. You killed him, therefore..


Darth Paper is your father.



Meaning you carry their genes!

Meaning we must kill you.

I don't want to, but..


Vinstigator responds:

Talk about a mindfuck!


OMG i see mario!

Vinstigator responds:

"Here we gooooooooooo!"


Hey that was really funny. I liked the star wars theme lol. You kicking Shins ass and stuff but in the credits none fo the people like Mace Windu=Samuel L Jackson didnt show lol nice one.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Fair enough.

the 3rd (fourth, to be exact due to the redo of vince trigger 1st) time shin gets his ass handed to him on a platter. Somewhat short, but it doesnt take length to get the message through to shin: YOU SUCK! Though it may have been short indeed, the voice acting was quite the quality. Another nice piece of work Vince. (yes i know the voice of vince wasnt you but it rocked) If you ever do have another movie in production, you can ask me for some voice acting. Im good at doing that (i have the impeccable ability to throw my voice XD). All in all another good Work of Vince.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! And yeah, I might have you voice act for me in some upcoming projects. I'll get at you if I need voices.