A Metal Slug Parody

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This took me a while to make,mostly because,well... I'm lazy. But here it is,enjoy!
P.S Alien Hominid rocks!
FUN FACT:This is the first movie i've made that didn't get blammed! Thank you all who voted on this movie!
Update: Wow, more than 25k views! Awesome! Thank you everyone!


P.S Alien Hominid rocks!

You dont need to say that to get past judgement, your sprite movie was excellanto!
Done to perfection, add some humour and you got one of the best parodys on NG

Panzerknacker responds:

I just said it cause that's what I think!And thanks for the kind words!

Another sprite flash.But we all need a little ofit

Its just one of those cartoons that make you go "Eeeeh" but its pretty good. But for me a sprite video doesn't normally go past the ranking of Graphics: 5. And I had this awkward feeling that it just got crappier when the scene changed to animated background.

Panzerknacker responds:

Yeah,so it might not be all hand-drawn über-graphics,but at least you didn't go:"OMFG this suxxorz lol u fag" and stuff.By the way,what is "ofit"?

A decent sprite movie

OK, it's not the best Metal Slug parody ever, but it is fun watching. Only one question: who was that "Ian Malcolm" guy?

P.S. Mafia, Alien Hominid and Metal Slug R O C K ! ! ! !

Panzerknacker responds:

Haven't you seen Jurassic Park? Ian Malcolm is a professor-like guy in that movie,played by Jeff Goldblum.


that was very funny man

great job...i hope it stays

Panzerknacker responds:

Thx,it's always nice to read these kinds of reviews!


Greatest Sprite flash i've seen dor a while! Nice job. ps; i love lemmings :P

Panzerknacker responds:

Doesn't everyone love them?:p
I'm glad you liked it,I might make more of these things.

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3.73 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2005
6:40 AM EDT