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A Metal Slug Parody

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Author Comments

This took me a while to make,mostly because,well... I'm lazy. But here it is,enjoy!
P.S Alien Hominid rocks!
FUN FACT:This is the first movie i've made that didn't get blammed! Thank you all who voted on this movie!
Update: Wow, more than 25k views! Awesome! Thank you everyone!



I mean that in a good way. Very creative, I found it rather amusing, especially with the Lemmings, does anyone remember that game anymore? Nice Job.

Panzerknacker responds:

Hehe,yeah I was like,six when I played Lemmings and I loved it!Thanks for the review.


When starting this movie i was not really looking forward to that movie... that'll probably be a shitty parody like much of them. But it aint. That movie must have taken you so much time. The graphics looks very well, the animation is nice. All my 5 are yours. Do not stop making flash movie if you like it. You got another fan. :D good job

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Panzerknacker responds:

I thank you WaKoRWar,for this blessed review you've given me!This took me a long time because I...was lazy making it.Now that I see this appreciation from the people here at...Newgrounds(holds for cheering:p)I shall hasten to work,to make more flash!


skit bra flash! den ägde fett!
PS: jag är också svensk, som du kanske märkte ^^;;

Panzerknacker responds:

Lol!Ja nog märks det alltid!
P.S(This is swedish for those who do not know.)

i love sprites

i love sprites cept i never rememberd a gaame as like of this! so.. it make your flash look really well done! great job!

Panzerknacker responds:

I love sprites too!^_^

Lol, awesome!

I liked it when that guy turned into that squid and he got pwnd. LOL, so funny. This was so cool, I hope there will be more parodies that you make, but next time make it longer. Good Job

Panzerknacker responds:

Hehe,yeah I have lots of weird shit going on in my twisted,depraved mind...
And I will make more of this,but not for a while,I'm afraid.

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3.73 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2005
6:40 AM EDT