T.V. Sex Pals Episode 4

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The T.V. Sex Pals are back with a brand new lesson!


Don't watch this if your suicidle. LOL

Good art.

I've never met a pimp that spoke that way.

I've never met a prostitute with an STD.

And I've most certainly never saw a prostitue in Vegas. (prostitution is illegal within city limits.)

Rule #1 in the book of the law of Women. *Never as ask a woman her age. HAHAHAHA

you can do better.

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What the fuck is a whackdaddyjellybeanmaffalo?

Other than that I think this is a great flash in all areas. I think u make the best flashes on all of ng.

ok wow

This sucked on so many levels. There was some humor, very little mind you but some, so I gave it a 2/10. On the whole though it sucked. It was pointless, had a ton of pointless/forced profanity that made it even dumber then it already was, and was just all around stupid. But hey, look on the bright side! This is the highest score i've ever given a sex pals flash! You're moving up in the world! What a fuck up....

Oh and P.S.
Fix the fucking sound, it sucked worse then the flash itself.

you have talent

you have talent for flash.But i beleive you couldve done better.Make another with less swear words and just funnier.But the graphics were great .So try again

A stupid video with no point.

This flash stupid and pointless. While it was stupid it was decently done and did have a little humor. You have a lot of talant and could do better than a stupid attempt at a sex humor flash animation. Also I think I busted my ear drums. FIX THE SOUND!

Not a good flash but I've seen worse.

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3.84 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2005
1:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original