Tornado Beat

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Well, this is my first FBF ever... as a matter of fact, it's my first flash with much of any length... :D

Thanks to Icycomputer and Spectro for preloader!!!

Wow, front page...

Wow... this is cool... my first NG submission on front page? I didn't even expect to get a blue score... :P

Thanks everyone!!!


That could entertain for a wile

That's all...

Cool. No point but good

Good frame by frame. I don't get why people don't like frame by frames. Maybe it's only the good flash animators that don't like them cause fbf's are easy to make and fun lookin. Good, good.

Nice job, great animating.

Nicely done, great animating, I LOVE your style :)

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That was amazing, good job on your first flash, hope ya make more ;-)

TriplePlay2425 responds:

I will :D

Wow, nice work!

This was great, especially for a first submission to NG. This was just really cool, and really fun to watch, and thats important to any flash. In my review i will explain each aspect briefly.

The graphics were great, i loved watching them interact and such. Just a fun experience. The actualy drawings were simple (probly cuz it was an FBF) but they were cool at the same time. The colours were nice, and the animation was very good, FBF at its best just about. Your style in this movie was great too, and not just for one reason. The feel was great, i coudlnt help but enjoy this. The idea was cool and i always love randomness, but well organized randomness(if that makes any sense!) I would only say work on getting some backrounds, because if you had one i would be able to give you points for your animating style. The sound was good in this, but i think there are better songs out there you could have chosen. This song was upbeat i loved that about it, but as one of the last reviews said "Its not the kinda music that gets stuck in your head and u start 2 hum" The audio quality was great too!

Overall this was great, and i really liked it. Its even better as this was your first to NG. I hope you can continue to get better in the future, please keep up the good work! 4/5

TriplePlay2425 responds:

Thanks for your input!

I'll work on those aspects of my animating on my next animation! :D

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4.07 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2005
4:12 PM EDT