Hitler and Dave

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Our (Larry and I) 3rd Improv toon. If you don't like it, you can suck my fat willy and call me a silly billy. More: http://www.youtube.com/us er/FAGStudios 666


Pretty Funny

Well. All in all i thought this was a good flash movie going on. What got me going mainly was the pig talking about the Muffin and Hitler trying to deny that he was Hitler. From my point of veiw it was a comedy. Comedy is open to anything. So to all you neigh-sayers out there - Bite me.
I <3 My Dictators

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I understand why so many people would BLAM this thing but keep in mind that when you do this guy worked hard on this thing. I mean would a Southpark episode be blamed on here? Most likley not. If you thimk it's offensive thats ok because it is. But so is Southpark, and they do alot worse(i.e Passion of the Jews). So to the artist keep it up.


I liked it, but i saw so manny others didnt...

Sorry peeps, get a life its a joke, not the start of fking WWIII. Its a shame that people cant laugh aboot things that happent more then 60 years ago,come on, u wernt there, the only stuff you heard was from gramps. And most of u are from the USA wich had nothing to do with the war in the first place ( before d day anyway ).

So start bitching movies that are crappy and stupid instead of some dude who tries to make a laugh aboot a dark page in history

Btw those ovens were for making bread! deal with it !

Hitler actually speaks English. Thank God for that

It was nice to hear Hitler speaking rationally instead of that crazy steroid German talk(no offense but you could actually almost see a vain when he yells) when commanding soldiers. Lol, this was just plain funny.

Work on Audio and add a punch line

I'm not a Jew so I don't know how I'll feel if I was them watching the flash but the whole flash seems like it was gona build up to the funny punch line but then it just ended with the don't do drugs thing. It's not worth to watch it if there's nothing funny. Sure the stuff was mildly funny but it didn't even make me chuckle. You gota add a punch line or make better jokes.

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3.53 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2005
2:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original