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Custom Hero - Basic 2

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post a an image of ther hero you hame here

Custom Hero Basic 3 is out and you can play as the character you make!

//quick note//
you dont need to tell me about the hair problem.

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12 Years later! Wow! 12 YEARS! This game's music still resonates in my heart 12 years later. Even after the change of management here on Newgrounds, the purge, the disappearance of the Author MasterFury, i can still call upon this game time and time again. it has stood the test of time valiantly. May you never leave, May you never let your beautiful music be lost and forgotten.

MasterFury responds:

Wow, its been that long already. As you can tell from the reply I haven't entirely disappeared, I just moved on to other things. still pop in every now and then.

Great game

Not everyone uses or puts the effort through for an Intro but with this flash here you made a nice intro and really brings it out to start things off, so congrats on the effort here especialy with the intro, Wow i must say this was very impressive im not too fond of the button style of dress-up but this was pretty advanced the buttons could be easier to click on though, kinda hard with just a plus and minus it was real small so some work on the buttons would be a start in the right direction, Now i must say this was a good dress up and i have seen and reviewed alot of them, you did great with the design of the character and even gave him some nice animation, thats something i have not seen much of all in these kinds of games, even the "MUSIC" you chose fits so very well, so awsome job all around on this, And with this flash it was actually pretty good, iliked the effort you put forward on this but there are still a few more things here and there that could make it even better, ihave posted a few ideas i hope they help to improve on this so good luck, and i hope to see improvments soon, or in the near future. anyways great game great new style here and overall fun and entertaining game.

And to start making things better here are some tips and ideas that could really make it better, and thats a plus for everyone so here are some ideas. Make a sleeker looking button something flashy and fancy, maybe something that has some animation as you hover over it aswell. something that looks nice and has appeal, the better your flash looks the more the fans will enjoy it. Decent game here, i really like the effort you put into this, one thing you could have done though was put more effort on the backrounds, it just seemed too bland. but besides all that it was pretty good stuff.

And once again i find one of those unique and good flash's so glad i saw this it was pretty good and had some entertaining value to it, nice effort here. I look forward to seeing other stuff like this, hope everyone enjoyes this. I really liked what you offered and presented especialy with the characters animation, keep up the awsome work here.


ITS FUN BUT NEEDS MORE STUFF and the music is good X)


It's quite fun and cute as well but it needs more options c:

guess who im gonna make

Wait for it..................................N akaheito