Without A Puppet Master

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EDIT:It hasn't even been like half an hour yet and I have to answer this question. The song is called "Hide and Seek" by Imogene Heep. Thanks for the reveiws and hope to see more.

Hello everyone. I made this flash as a late night project out of bordom. I think the outcome was pretty good. This flash movie uses symbolizm but please don't ask anything about it, and think along the lines of what it means to you. Thankyou and enjoy.



Im touched!

That was wreally wreally pretty! Love the tune..... i wanted to see the puppet master though, Nice work... more stuff in this vein please people , Dont know how that made me feel but i felt something .... the tune is "Hide and Seek" by Imogene Heep. Dinny ask him again :P

Preeeetty good

I liked it a lot...but I really liked the song.......whats the song???? I wanna download it :D

I thought the song suited the cartoon nicely.
Well Done

Wow, That was defenitly one of the better few 2nte

Very good job man, the song was creepy but that was definetly a good music video (If thats what it was intended to be). Nicely done.

loved it.

It was, in essence, abit of a message by the looks, hell im still trying to figure out what it is...something about being controlled i'd guess. I love this kind of stuff, please submit more.

pretty good

although there wasn't much to this, you used imogen for your music, and i firmly support that decision. the music makes your movie, simple as that. i thought the visuals were just ok, there was just so little action and movement in it, but still, i liked it, because i liked the music so much. i'm an imogen fan, so i protect!

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Jun 23, 2005
4:21 AM EDT
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