Zalad Fingerz 5: SC

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I wanted to let everyone know before you go hard on voting that I love you and If I knew you in person I would give you a free anal fuck. :)

The Final Installment of the Zalad Fingerz series.



the others were funny wtf happened, and you're totally ripping off the ''willies from mars'' toon.

Dobica responds:

no actually they would more have been ripping me off. As you can see in the end of 4 I was the first to make a penis monster.


i know you, can i have my free anal fuck now?

worst possible way to go out

like i said about ZF4, everything that made ZF1 good went down the drain quickly and consistenly in every sequel to ZF1.

this was, without question, the "coup de grace" (pronounced "coo-day-graw") of this series.

im quite annoyed and saddened and perhaps even angered that you didnt even rip more SF sprites. you sold out in that aspect. big brother must have gotten to you.

however, this movie represented itself with very little subtlety - its gay and has a lot of cocks in it. from there, its easy to draw conclusions about the shAttyness therein.

now as i part, i will leave the bottom of this review open for the obligatory "you suck bitch" comment. but if you know whats good for you, youll instead defer and leave this commentary as a testament to the truth of how this series went from "sweet" to "weak".

Not very good.

This one didn't even have anything to do with Zaled fingers. It wasn't even funny. It would have been cool if you could control the sniping part though. It could have a time limit too!


.....................................WTF.............im still trying to find out wtf that was.................................umhhummm.....well WTFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2.43 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2005
3:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody