Zalad Fingerz 5: SC

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I wanted to let everyone know before you go hard on voting that I love you and If I knew you in person I would give you a free anal fuck. :)

The Final Installment of the Zalad Fingerz series.



don't get me wrong Dobica, I only gave this a 3 because I couldn't really understand the concept of this one...
so Zalad kills himself because he belived he caused the end of the world? mabe you should make anouther to 'prequal' this one...
just a suggestion, might explain the ending a little better

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this one was funny, earth was invaded by dicks!! lol this time this one didn't really have to do with the salad fingers cahracters at all, this this mean this is the last movie??

Dobica responds:

yep last movie. Im going to be making a better series on my Viper_Studios account after I get out of bootcamp in 2 months.

Didn't Really Find This Funny As The First One

Alright I would be funny if the cocks used there ballz of steel to like teabag all of em.There dicks but they don't use any of their special powers lol.Graphics have gone better but I have the say this...

Episode 1 and 2 were better.

Poor quality on small details

I liked those backgrounds, I didn't like how you just went over the border with the paintbrush tool, jeez.

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it was good

this is my first time watching zalad fingerz i thought it was pretty damn funny i like the ways the giant penises walked.....one ball at a time

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2.43 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2005
3:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody