Lessons In Yaoi 34 crazy

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WARNING! Contains Homosexual themes involving anime characters.

I think my preloader doesn't work, so make sure the browser is fully loaded please!


"Yaoi" is gay sex between two men. Lovely, eh?


Enticing little animation =)

Very nice yet-new take on a familiar subject. It got my attention even though I'm not into yaoi. Great job!

*dies laughing*

Hahaha-...shit. It's funny...because it's true.
I was reminded of myself far too much for comfort...

P.s.: The two in 'violence' is simply because I'm certain bodily harm comes from being chased by an eight foot penis. (Well. Four foot if you take in the cihibi factor.)

adorible but short and a tad random;p

the question we all need to ask is why vegeta never jumped goku. i mean if we silly yaoi freaks^-^ can put sasuke with itachi, lord knows the competitve drive must have also carried over to the the sport of the sheets;p very cute ending with the horse. reminds me of the card where you think its a woman's behind and then its the crease in the hand. lol now im just rambaling and that's what happens when i enjoy a flash^-^ btw i love all of your work. its nice when someone can go from serious to funny and still have the same quality:) only issue i had was that the sound wasn't so great but that could have been a style thing so it only minorly affected my grading.


LOL! OMG! (Muraki IS a sexy bitch...) Funny as hell... :P

yaoi is so cool, I loved it! you should make more

Man, if you make another one, I would have more gravitation, some mirage of blaze....maybe some more MURAKI!!!! I loved your creativity and I always bust out laughing when I see your "I'm so crazy, I'm like NNNAAAAHHH crazy....swinging arms of DOOM. LOL.

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Jun 21, 2005
10:54 PM EDT
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