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!mk-the parody!

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**Edit READ!! - Thanks to ppl wanted a 3rd episode i worked my butt off to get the 3rd episode up and going...and its almost done, Should be submitted 23rd December about 9 or 10p.m (UK Timezone)
Get ready for it XD

**Plz vote/review

Oh no, here we go again lol.
Hope you enjoy this one : D
Had lots of problems with it but hey, its my 2nd submission, and i fixed alot of stuff : )

**EDIT - Thx to everyone who reviewed and gave good votes to my movie...I am now considering making a series of these now. You all Rock! w00t!

*Credit - Big thanks to Parsons : D





I always thought johnny cage was gay, and now i know the truth.

almost perfect

the whole scorptile thing shoud've lasted longer and there wasn't too much blood.

Jinetik responds:

yeah sorry about the lack of blood, but this was my second submission, Im having problems with lag when someone punches becoz of the sndfx and the blood effect, it slows the framerate. I dunno how to fix it. but hope u enjoyed it

Too funny

That had to be the funniest mk parody ever (idk if its as funny as the second), Reptiles head is just too damn funny, but why did u make one of my fav characters gay?

Jinetik responds:

lol sorry about that. But hey its a parody : p

Thanks for the review : )

lmao,gotta love these MK parodies.

This one great every little step and attack,i couldn't stop laughing at this and it also had a hilarous ending,excellent job. :D

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3.96 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2005
8:22 PM EDT
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