Transitions (Star Wars)

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*OMG front page AND 2nd daily, thank you so much everyone this means so much to me. I promise to try an not let u all down!*

Welcome to Transitions, a project made for my friends that includes my friends. This is basically a 3 part send off as we go to uni, this is the trailer featuring parts from all 3 episodes. The basic jist is that it follows a parallel storyline to revenge of the sith and beyond. dont want to give away too much so enjoy!
This was originally put up on the alphas list but i saw that some people were putting trailers up on the main board, plus putting it up here allows u guys to comment on it i get better feedback so here i am uploading it again.
I hope you enjoy this and look forward to the episodes coming very soon. Please leave constructive criticism if you have it! J



That loks sooo wicked i cant wait until u come out with them i cant believe that was so cool i was wonderinfg r u a star wars fan BECAUSE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!

Brand-new-hero responds:

i enjoyed star wars but i prefer things like Alien and other sci fi. I decied to make this set of shows in the SW universe because its more widely known and popular plus sci fi fans will b able to spot cameo jokes in there too.


Why! This Looks Awsome, i Realy Think You Could Make A Great Movie Outta This.

But Then.......

Oh Wait, Its A Parody. Why, WHY! JESUS CHRIST It Could Be So Cool! Please. Remake This With A God Plot Line And Cool Jedi Fights. NO JOKES FOR FUCKS SAKE :'(

Damn this movie your making looks good

Hey I wish you luck on making this flash you speak of, because it looks good so far!

seems good.

i look forward to seein somethn awesome like thiss... keep em comin dog. yo peace to da hizzy fo shizzy in da rizzy. uhh... yeah so keep workn on these.

Brand-new-hero responds:

lol glad ure lookin forward to it dude! J

i liked this

yay this was so good that it wonderful......i wana see more from you and hope that they will be good ^_^

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4.15 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2005
2:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody