Transitions (Star Wars)

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*OMG front page AND 2nd daily, thank you so much everyone this means so much to me. I promise to try an not let u all down!*

Welcome to Transitions, a project made for my friends that includes my friends. This is basically a 3 part send off as we go to uni, this is the trailer featuring parts from all 3 episodes. The basic jist is that it follows a parallel storyline to revenge of the sith and beyond. dont want to give away too much so enjoy!
This was originally put up on the alphas list but i saw that some people were putting trailers up on the main board, plus putting it up here allows u guys to comment on it i get better feedback so here i am uploading it again.
I hope you enjoy this and look forward to the episodes coming very soon. Please leave constructive criticism if you have it! J


cant wait!!!!!

if you gat one of them out on august 15 makesure you give strawbery clock atleast a cameo :)

i vote fifen


i will be waiting for this!
it seems nice, at least from the teaser.
just one question...
is it going to follow the plot of the real STARWARS, or just be all fucked up?
go with a fucked up real STARWARS plot!

Brand-new-hero responds:

its following a parallel story - the first ep will b based several minutes into episode 3 - rots and subsquently they arrive at each location too late so events have already happened - then from there the plot takes a different arc. i dont want to say too much but i hope u enjoy it!

I can't wait.

WOW. That looks like top 50 material, if you are seriously making a full movie then good luck! It looks like a winner, only one critism - sound effects. But, your artwork and general flash skills are incredible!

Brand-new-hero responds:

tnx man! yea i knwo some sound effects are lacking BUT it IS the beginnings i cant give away too much! thanks for you idea tho i do intend to work on sound! stay tuned!

Normally, I loathe everything starwars

But this looks pretty cool.


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Brand-new-hero responds:

tnx :) look out for the first episode which should b here by the end of july! then 2nd by end of august!

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Jun 21, 2005
2:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody