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Transitions (Star Wars)

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*OMG front page AND 2nd daily, thank you so much everyone this means so much to me. I promise to try an not let u all down!*

Welcome to Transitions, a project made for my friends that includes my friends. This is basically a 3 part send off as we go to uni, this is the trailer featuring parts from all 3 episodes. The basic jist is that it follows a parallel storyline to revenge of the sith and beyond. dont want to give away too much so enjoy!
This was originally put up on the alphas list but i saw that some people were putting trailers up on the main board, plus putting it up here allows u guys to comment on it i get better feedback so here i am uploading it again.
I hope you enjoy this and look forward to the episodes coming very soon. Please leave constructive criticism if you have it! J


Bad spelling spoiled it for me

How can you take anyone seriusly hoo spells like a 10-yeer-old?

Brand-new-hero responds:

2 ppl have mentioned that and i cant see ne spelling mistakes! i know sidious is spelt wrong - at least i think so but i dont knwo where the toher ones are. all the names are correct - prehaps not kasshcyk? i dunno how thats spelt correctly. Sorry about that i will correct nething for th efinal films but thanks for bringing it to my attention. If anyone else spots a mistake can you be specific and i'll change it. Thanks

Not bad

Graphics: Pretty good looking. It's not a very common style but I’ve seen it used in the past. I'm not sure where I’ve seen the style before, but it looks very familiar. Where did you get the idea?

Style: Another Star Wars based movie. They don’t' get boring. I hope it's original, and you won't make it too predictable.

Sound: Star Wars music, and other sound effects. Even though it’s Star Wars based you can still use other great music out there that could still fit this trailer.

Violence: Eh the basic Jedi battles.

Humor: Heh yes please do leave out JarJar.

Overall: It looks like it's going to be pretty good. Can't wait for them to come out. Then I’ll review again.


Totally awesome

The artwork is what amazed me the most. Its so "samurai jackish" ...but cooler. a. lot. cooler.
The animation and action itself was kinda lame in my opinion, but everything else covers it pretty well. I cant give you a 5 cause its only a trailer, but i think 4 is pretty good for one.

Brand-new-hero responds:

tnx man! thats the ultimate pick up u sayin its BETTER than samurai jack i love tartakovsy an his work so that ment so much to me. If u like this art check out revolution its similarly done. The actions arent great i know but not alot of it was hand drawn, i'll try an make it faster/bbetter. Thanks again.

Nice trailer

One suggestion, though -- I was completely pulled out of it by the spelling mistakes. I'd hope to see that corrected in the movie.

Brand-new-hero responds:

is it sidious? i knwo that was wrong - if there were others please let me know because i am unaware of ne more than just him.


cant wait for this to come out

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4.15 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2005
2:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody