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My first submission to here (1st attempt at something close to submittable), I was planning a whole big Handymen web series but I lost interest in it all. Seems a pretty lame concept to me now.
It all ends quite abrubtly and nothing really makes any sense.



Jesus man what were you smoking when you came up with that? More importantly what was I smoking whilst watching it? ;) Good stuff, you got a nice style of animation.


I was really impressed with this. This was really well done, and pretty trippy as well. Your skills are clearly well honed and the only suggestion I would make would be to improve on the sound, maybe add some narration. I would like to see the second half now! Great work, and I expect to see more of your around NG.

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misterjoe responds:

Thank you Mcdubs, I appreciate it. Voices and dialogue are definatley gonna be in the next one.

pretty good stuff

for your first submission, this is top-notch work! the drawings of the "handy" men were really well done, and your backgrounds weren't too shabby either. the sound was decent, but the song was pretty repetative and it seems like you could use either some narration or somehow have the hands talk? i think narration would be SO perfect for this, like watching the nature channel or something. but this was really well done, a bit out of the blue, but that's what i appreciate about NG! keep up the good work, i look forward to more submissions from you.

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misterjoe responds:

Thanks Elar, I am planning on having them speak, using the folds of skin on the thumb. That will be in the next one.


you have attempted a good try..
next time instead of saying to be continued
dont and

For a first one???

This is awesome! I haven't seen too many first submissions with graphics like that...usually theyre sticks and..well I hope to see more

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3.34 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2005
1:47 PM EDT
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