Days in Dibburville

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Days in Dibburville (Ep. 1)


yay! I <3 you kenny---keturah

well, it just totally rocks that you made it based on our school!! YOU'RE AMAZING!

Thuberbaer responds:

"But the zebras were not yet satisfied. "Bring us more animal crackers and we shall consider your proposal." commanded their leader.
"But, Mr. Zebra, we have no more animal crackers to spare! We barely have enough to feed ourselves, let alone our children, how could we possibly manage to get enough to feed all of you?" the humans asked.
"Ahh," said the zebras. "Then you must find a way. Trust us, we don't give a shit about you or your children, we just want our animal crackers."
"And if we cannot find a way, Mr. Zebra.... what will become of us then?"
"You have given me no choice but to kill you."
"But Mr. Zebra, you have not yet given us the chance to provide your zebra brethren with animal crackers!"
"Zebra hungry!" exclaimed a nearby zebra.
And then..."
(The Book of the Zoo, 16)

okay, humm..

i guess it was kinda funny with the random jokes, but the quality of the drawings and the sound was ... annoying, so i didnt laugh as much as i should. but a decent attempt


If the audio is bad you should try and umm.. re-do it!

and where are their arms?
(sorry that just bothers me)

It was ok

..........it was alright.......had a few funny parts here and their........keep the funny coming and youll do well with this series in the future

this is going under my favorites

GReaT raNdoM ARt woRk hopE TO sEe moRe FrOM yoU!
i loved the Mario seen

Thuberbaer responds:

Thanks. Thats a lot of 10's. Why did you give it a 10 in interactivity?

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3.39 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2005
2:58 AM EDT
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