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****UPDATE 5/20 - fixed some problems, Front page! thanks everyone!****

This collab came together almost 3 weeks ago. The idea is that one person finds the lightsaber, uses it however they

wish, and then pass it on to the next person, until eventually it breaks.

Many talented artists took part in this, in total about 14, most of which aren't very well known but hopefully in this

collab, people will notice their great potential.

I'm glad everything turned out good, we've had our share of good times and bad times, but in the end its come down to this.

-- ConAir

All of use have worked really hard to make this and although we had some fights we have pulled it together and brought this

to you. I hope to work with some of these people some other time it has been a pleasure. I would also like to take the

oppotunity to thanks that special someone out there... They know who they are! Oh yeah and I LOVE NEWGROUNDS!

-- Ninja-chicken

Haha, Great god! 3 weeks!
Wow this has been a cool experience. I never though of something like this to turn out so great. We did have some ruffles

and fights in the bigging, but when we got down to bussiness it worked out great! This has been a fun collab and hope to do

it again soon!

-- Tiny brad

I was animating some lightsaber stuff when I thought of this collab. I thought it was an OK idea so I put it on the BBS.

Little did I know that all of these awesome authors would come and join. This collab took alot of work to finish. Whether

it was messed up internet connections or screwed up computers We still got through it and spawned a great collab. Enjoy.

-- Duffboy

well here it is after a lot of hard work from various artists. Big up to Conair and Ninja chicken for sortin this shiz out.

Big up to many others involved too. I didnt have much to do with this part from my short anim with Y-fronts (always) so

respect to the main guys involved. Enjoy

-- b3hehehe

Thanks for watching!


Great Job

When I saw the beginning I was like "oh great another stupid lightsaber movie", but it got better, the vader thing was funny.

ConAir responds:

Thanks. Yeah I am aware that we are getting "star wars" points


It was impressive to see so many artists collaberating and it flowed well. However it was a little lengthy and half of them wern't very funny so it didn't come together as a wholly good film.

ConAir responds:

Okay thanks for the feedback


awsome to make it a little better try puting in a replay button

ConAir responds:

Sorry that was an error now try it mate

that was freaking amazing

Give this the front page right now....some of it was lacking in comparison to others graphically but it was just hilarious when darth vader put the light saber in his pants and it looked like an erection

ConAir responds:

Ha ha ha thanks for the support buddy.

I must make one point.

Lightsabers do not cause bleeding. They are so incredibly hot that they carterize the wound as soon as it is made. Just go watch any of the Star Wars movies and you will see that when a limb is cut off there isn't any blood.

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ConAir responds:

SOrry wrong. May I refer you to Star Wars Episode IV : A new hope. When Obi-wan cut off the aliens arm in the bar there was a pool of blood.

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Jun 20, 2005
5:31 PM EDT