MONKAY #3 "The Killer"

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Watch the others first or you won't get this one. This one picks up where the 2nd ended and it's about who killed Master Sho-yu. Luigi hears about his Uncles death and wants to find out more about it. Hey by the way there is a secret button leading to the cool part, it's a better way to watch the movies best fighting scene, The button is some where on the title screen.

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hey chris i like this one u have to show me how to do stuff like u do on flash

doing better

though I wish you would play more then one song.Plus if your going to sick with the click script thingy then stick with it for thw whole flash.

((( OK )))

This was ok, and the art was ok, could use abit more shading and detail, and maybe instead or along with the "TEXT BUBBLES" you could add some voice overs, but overall it was neat, it playes out well and is funny, so nice work...


this has potential

first of PLEASE get some voice actors. it is way too quite!!! and what happened to the special effects, there were not any!!! the graphics were ok but why did you show bullet time so often? it got annoying after the first 2 rounds. your graphics also lacked detail for a better score. style was kind of used before so 8. the violence was alright but nothing too violent. hmm i love the song you used but could you use some other song during your movie that fits the situation.

just fix the sound and it would get good reviews!

ZIM106 responds:

Ok, the bullet time thing is because it was just part of the story! They had to kill some of the cops and plus they're from the Mafai!! I'll try too put in special effects next time! This is just my 5th flash and i still need to learn a lot.

meh, that was okay.

overall that was an okay movie. i give it about a...
2-3/5 stars.

ZIM106 responds:

K cool. well at least you didn't give it a 0

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3.00 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2005
11:28 AM EDT