Robots are Stupid

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EDIT2: I added a picture viewer and a working preloader. The picture viewer lets you see the flash versions of cels so people can stop guessing if this was made in flash or not.
EDIT: Front page-ness. I'm.. speechless. So I won't say anything. ...well, except thanks. But that's it.
EDIT: Hey, Daily feature, awesome!

To play, put the mouse on the word 'are' in the title. The play button shall show up. By default, subtitles are off. If you want them on, turn em on. While the movie plays, in the bottom left corner there's a play and pause button hidden. If you want to do either of these, go there and press em.

Long story short, a robot complains, and people complain about his complaints.

Short story long, this cartoon is about a Robot complaining about his lack of feelings, ignorant to the fact that he actually has them if he can desire them. The people he encounter notice this, but their points fall on deaf ears... deaf ears the robot doesn't have.

NOTE: The quality sucks due to the fact that I couldn't export it as a .swf normally, so I had to export it as a .avi file and import that just to make it playable. This is the best I could do, so just bear with it.

Oh yeah, and as always, leave a review. Just please don't complain about the quality... I explained that already. Complain about something else that I can actually learn from.



Stfu hummer1991 this was cool and kinda brainwashing and looks at life in a different perspective.... nevermind anyway this was quite nicely made

Kinda Lacks Plot

Great graphics, nice sound, awesome animation, funny idea but not too well put together... Some of the subtitles are funny though.


DAM!!!!! That was SO BORING !!!!
At least you admit that you SUCK
it was well drawn and all but the story sucks
you heve talent but no humor....

At least the aurhor admits that it stinks!

Watch this if you want but if you would rather do something intereting watch something else!

one piece of dialog ruined the whole cartoon.

the whole cartoon went to shit because of the god damn "exclaimation point one" crap. 'nuff said you mohawk.

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3.97 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2005
3:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Original